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Thursday, November 28, 2019

cancer introduction

cancer introductionI'm under the pseudo gun so cancer is where you have an uncontrolled proliferation of cells that arise from virtually any type of cell in the body so basically you can have bone cells

skin cells gut cells and they can all develop and become cancer cells the word cancer itself comes from the Greek word carcinoma which means scrap hence the horoscope stuff the people who are born
in cancer also has a crime symbol let us look at an example of cancer that may occur in the colon or in the large intestines so here I am drawing the large intestines
also referred to as the colon these red mushy looking things represents a tumor refers to some form of new growth but when dealing with cancer like tumors it is better to refer to
tumors as neoplasia which means new growth but either way tumor and neoplasia mean the same thing which means new growth but in this video, I will use the word tumors more rather than neoplasia
now cancer is a type of tumor that usually grows rapidly but not always some tumors are slow-growing such as the ones that occur in the lungs another fundamental thing to take in
is that the term cancer refers to a malignant tumor and not a benign tumor but what is the difference between a malignant tumor and a benign one well let's have a closer look at
the colon tumors here and see if we can differentiate it so here we have a section of the colon this tumor here let's just said will represent a benign tumor now a benign tumor
is slow-growing is relatively localized and has well-defined capsule so it doesn'treally break off it's there is also the: naturally has a blood supply and nerve innovation here shown here
of course, a benign tumor is not very dangerous but as it grows it can increase in severity because it can start pressing against nerve fibers for example and can produce pain but other than that
benign tumors are not cancerous now let's look at a malignant tumor which can start off fairly small but as it grows the severity increases drastically the tumor is when this malignant tumor is not
contained and can start digging underneath the layers of tissues like so and during this time the tumor will produce chemicals that will cause surrounding blood vessels to grow and so big tumors often have
massive blood supply to feed the growing need sothe malignant tumor is characterized first of all it's cancerous it grows rapidly its uncaps elated and it consists of different types of cells because of
various mutations that occur and of course when I mean a malignant tumor I mean malignant tumors can also break off and travel to other areas or other organs in the body and cause tumors
there so it's very dangerous so benign not so dangerous malignant very dangerous so off to a different topic let's look at some commonly diagnosed cancers so here I am drawing a lung because of the
lung cancer the second or third most commonly diagnosed cancers in male and females and this is because there are many smokers in the world and to when cancer spreads from somewhere from one
an area in the body usually spreads to the lungs first for females the most commonly diagnosed cancers are breast lung and colorectal means anywhere in the colon or rectal area for men the
most commonly diagnosed cancers are prostate lung and colorectal now the current 5-year survival rate of 60% after cancer diagnosis means that people are living and this is great hopefully shortly there will be