Finally skin cancer treatment

The vaccine, which was originally developed to fight. The herpes virus attacks cancerous tumors caused by skin cancer, which can help patients heal melanoma completely, with some American researchers in progressive stages. Not only does this Once speak to infect cells, but it also works on cells in other areas we cannot reach, said 

Dr. Howard Kaufman of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. 

In other words, the vaccine causes an immune response that spreads through the blood

. Mr. Kaufman is now ready to begin phase III clinical care with 430 patients in the United States. In the second phase, fifty melanoma patients were vaccinated at the metastatic level. Eight of them were completely cured and four were treated well. 

These are some therapeutic options. Patients with advanced melanoma cancer have few therapeutic options and none are satisfactory. That’s why oncologists are excited about our results in the second phase of our research, says M. Kaufman. In 2008, about 4,600 Canadians were diagnosed with melanoma cancer, and more than 900 people died of it, according to Canada's Public Health Agency. In Canada, 1.2 percent of people with cancer die of melanoma. 

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, melanoma may not be a cause, but some factors increase the risk of developing the disease: exposure to ultraviolet radiation to the sun or other artificial sources of ultraviolet light; Mole with abnormal shape; or thicker or darker than normal molars, larger molars (more than 50); Light brown eyes or light brown hair; Skin burns easily, and weakens hair; Personal or family history of melanoma; Severe sunburn in childhood. For special treatments currently offered, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, approximately 90 percent of cases of melanoma can be treated quickly. 

There are two doses to be taken there is the only infection, The disease can be easily eliminated during a biopsy. But as cancer grows, the worst muscle disease can last from six months to two years. The vaccine can be injected directly into the wound with and without radiation. This procedure is usually done in the doctor's office and involves several injections per week for 24 hours. Patients enrolled in the study were followed up two years after treatment, and the disease seemed to be completely cured. 

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